Best Soundtracks Of The Year So Far

this year there have been dozens of brilliant films and with brilliant films comes brilliant original soundtracks. it’s sometimes very hard to decipher whether or not the ost is good without seeing the film, so the list is usually quite thin at this stage of the year. however there are some which will make the list. at the bottom of the page there is a list also of the best soundtracks – eg. not original.


8. Free Fire


composer(s): Geoff Barlow & Ben Sailsbury


not only was i surprised by how good this film was, the accompaniment of the synth and the classical acoustic guitar was a nice touch to tie a bow on this brilliant ben wheatley film.

7. Alien: Covenant


composer(s): Jed Kurzel


with great thrillers/horrors there has to be a decent original soundtrack, and there is one in this disgusting film. i recommend not to listen to this in the evening because it will bring flashbacks of the film back into your head.


6. Spider-Man: Homecoming

composer(s): michael giacchino

there seems to be a pattern emerging. giacchino doing marvel films, zimmer doing dc films. this is quite a rivalry. giacchino does a great job in the latest mcu and has created a great spider-man theme that will go on into the mcu for years to come.


5. Wind River


composer(s): warren ellis and nick cave


like i said previously, in any thriller there must be an eratic original soundtrack, and the two esteemed gentlemen have provided us with just that in taylor sheridan’s directoral debut.


4. The Founder

composer(s): carter burwell


now if you remember early on in the year we had this gem of a film, but not only was i surprised that jeremy renner produced the film but the ost was done by the one and only carter burwell, who looks to be a frontrunner for this years oscars.


3. Logan

composer(s): marco beltrami
marco beltrami created a beautiful, eratic score using the piano quite often and blending it in with some classics. well done.


2. Wonder Woman

composer(s): rupert gregson-williams


the film was a huge success, and so was the ost. especially ‘action reaction’ played during the credits, a beautiful piece and one of gregson-williams finest works.


1. Dunkirk

composer: hans zimmer
not one person can beat hans zimmer in the game of film composition. this is true in dunkirk, where he teams up with christopher nolan once again, and it’s beautiful. the score is quite a big part of the film because there is not much talking and a lot of drama. this is why you need the best for a film like this, and his variation of enigma… oh! amazing. he will definitely get nominated for best original score and you never no, his version of enigma (variation 15) might even get nominated for original song.


Great Soundtracks That Aren’t Original:

Guardian’s Of The Galaxy Vol.2

composer: tyler bates
featuring numbers like ‘my sweet lord’ and ‘the chain’, you could put this soundtrack on repeat and never get bored. great choices for this film.


Kong: Skull Island

composer: henry jackman


sure, there were bits of original soundtrack but it did feature a lot of credence clearwater revival.


Baby Driver

composer: steven price


finally, we have the daddy of them all. edgar wright’s most successful film baby driver was full of some great hits such as: ‘Bellbottoms’, ‘brighton rock’, ‘baby driver’ and ‘debora’.

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