The Best Films Of 2017

if you recall i did a similar article two months ago, and it’s time to update it with some new films. this time though it will be ranked.


10. Spider-Man: Homecoming

the new spider-man film arrived with a bang, being a commerical success globally. the film istelf was one of the best adaptions of the web-slinger yet, but not perfect, close, but not. tom holland is brilliant as spider-man and i look forward to seeing him in avengers: infinity war.
my rating: 4/5


9. The Big Sick

With 98% on rotten tomatoes, it is a brilliant film. like many film critics have said, it is one of the most authentic romantic comedies in this century because it’s simply realistic. it is also hilariously funny with ray romano being my standout performance, besides kumail nanjiami’s perfect performance.
my rating: 4/5


8. Guardian’s Of The Galaxy Vol.2


the first of three new marvel cinematic universe films this year, and so far it’s the best by quite a bit. the chemistry between the acting and the 1970’s music makes you think this is more like baby driver than a superhero film. this set’s up avengers: infinity war with a nice twang when the guardians team up with the AVENGERS.
my rating: 4.5/5


7. Alien: Covenant








prometheus was terrible. we all thought so. but alien: covenant, the second prequel isn’t. with the unnerving performance of michael fassbender as two robots, one the creator of the xenomorph! it’s been a long time since we’ve seen the alien on the big screen, and cgi has improved a lot since then. as ridley scott stated, “i wanted to scare the shit out of people.’ he certainly did. i had brown trousers at the end.
my rating: 5/5


6. Baby Driver

Doc (KEVIN SPACEY, right) tells Baby (ANSEL ELGORT) he has another job for him in TriStar Pictures’ BABY DRIVER.










like i said in my review, baby driver is the most stylish film of the year, with the best soundtrack until dunkirk came along. the chemistry between the actors was beautifully choreographed and the relationships between characters made you believe this was real. well done edgar wright.
my rating: 5/5


5. Wonder Woman









director patty jenkins and gal gadot have created a masterpiece. the first amazing film in the dc extended universe. there’s nothing more needed to be said.
my rating: 5/5


4. Free Fire








this may come as a surprise, but free fire was my no.2 film of the year until dunkirk came along. ben wheatley’s madly funny picture is stunning piece of film making, with a simple storyline but he managed to make it complex and entertaining.


my rating: 5/5


3. Wind River

the final of the trio of sicario and hell or high water, wind river is the best by a long way and is beautifully made by taylor sheridan. this is jeremy renner’s best performance since he was nominated for best actor for the hurt locker in 2010. it’s dark and sicario but has that brilliant storyline similar to hell or high water, with olsen and renner catching a serial killer. what changes.
my rating: 5/5


1=. Logan

you may see this film is joint no.1, because it is. this r-rated whisky-grisly film is the best comic book film of all time, and it’s not just me who says that (rotten tomatoes). the chemistry between jackman, keen and stewart is perfection and it is a perfect sendoff after 17 years for jackman and stewart. it’s also a great beginning for ‘the new wolverine’ keen with a reported three more films on her contract with marvel.
my rating: 5/5


1=. Dunkirk

This is nolan’s best film. end. it’s superbly moving with performances from whitehead, rylance, branaugh and hardy to highlight. the composition from hans zimmer is his best since inception, and this patriotic, heroically british film puts nolan as one of the best directors ever to have been on this planet. if you haven’t seen this film, do, because even if you don’t know what the dunkirk evacuation is, this is a brilliantly made film that will make you shed a tear at the end with zimmer’s amazing variation of enigma.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Adam Padilla says:

    Excited to see Wind River and The Big Sick, but they haven’t been released in the UK yet… Interesting to see Free Fire so high up as well. Great list!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Archie Wingate says:

      Cheers. I wasn’t expecting The Big Sick to be so good, but I was proven wrong. Wind River is slightly dark but if you liked Sicario or Hell Or High Water, then you’ll like Wind River. I couldn’t decide whether Logan or Dunkirk should be at the top. On the one hand Logan in my opinion is the best comic book film yet and Dunkirk is so beautifully made, with Enigma playing at the end with Tom Hardy flying a real spitfire. Thank’s for the comment

      Liked by 1 person

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