‘Dunkirk’ Beats ‘The Emoji Movie’ To Take No.1 Spot & Box Office Updates

this weekend was a tight race between christopher nolan’s tenth film dunkirk and the new animation film the emoji movie. other releases included charlize theron’s new action thriller atomic blonde debuting along with kathryn bigelow’s oscar film about the detroit roits in the summer of 1967.
in first place is dunkirk with a reported $28.2M, just dropping 44% and taking it’s domestic cume above $100M. the world war II thriller had a better drop than mission impossible: rogue nation but was slightly worse than nolan’s previous film, interstellar. with this new information i think we can say that dunkirk would need a miracle to gross more than $200M in the north american market but should be able to gross around $190M. the film is also more like previous films (Wonder Woman, GOTG 2) Where the domestic market has a higher ratio than usual, suggesting a drop of for blockbusters in the international market. for that reason, it would be a success if nolan’s tenth film grossed more than $500M worldwide because of the china hollywood blackout over the summer.
in second place is t.j. miller’s animation film the emoji movie which grossed $25.6M, higher than what most people were predicting but slightly lower than what i was predicting. the film had a $50M production budget and should pass that with ease in the north american market alone. in retrospect, this film is a lot similar to captain underplants, where the film opened to $24M and grossed $72M, a success in the domestic market, but has barely made a penny in the international market. the film should make around the $75M mark in north america and i think it will fare better in the international market than captain underpants, maybe making around $160M worldwide.
in third place is the new action thriller atomic blonde set in berlin during the collapse of the soviet union. the film opened to a reported $19M, what most people were expecting. the film itself is shit, and with a $50M production budget, it will make a slim profit. many people are comparing this film to John Wick (do see that) where it made $40M in the domestic market and $88M worldwide. i think that is a good comparison and Atomic blonde will make around $90M worldwide, maybe even break the $100M marker, but for the people who were hoping this would turn into a franchise, it won’t happen.
In fourth place is holdover comedy girls trip, which opened to $31M last weekend. it registered just a 36% drop to take a massive $20M for a tally of $65M in two weeks.
In fifth place is spider-man: homecoming, taking in another $13.5M to take it’s domestic cume to $278.3M. worldwide, the tally is upto $633M as it will become the highest grossing single character entrance into the mcu ever. in sixth is War for the planet of the apes which dropped 50% to take $10.3M. the film has only grossed $200M worldwide so far and it looks like that this could be the end of a franchise.
Despicable Me 3 dropped 40% to take $7.7M. it’s domestic tally is upto $230M. it looks like it will stop around $255M in north america, and it’s worldwide tally is already at $820M and is starting to look like a contender for passing $1BN! i know!
valerian dropped a whopping but estimated 60% to take just $6.8M in it’s second weekend. it’s domestic total is at $31M, and it doesn’t look like it will get better. behind it is baby driver, which dropped an amazing 33% to take another $4.1M. to be fair, i know why it’s so good like that, it’s so rewatchable. i saw it again yesterday and still loved it as much as i did the time before. it’s domestic cume is now at a amazing $92M and finally it’s slowly picking up in the international market with a worldwide total of $128M.
rounding out the top 10 is wonder woman, in the top 10 for the final time after nine weeks. it took another $3.5M, dropping less than 24%, taking it’s domestic cume to $395.3M. it looks like it will be able to get across the $400M mark, only the second film to do so this year. amazingly, the ratio between north america and international is still 50/50. it’s worldwide total is $786M and will break to $800M but won’t be able to catch GOTG 2. 
In other news, kathryn bigelow’s detroit opened in 20 theatres in limited release this weekend, taking in $365K, a healthy $18,300 average per theatre. it will go into wide relase next weekend but will face competition from the dark tower. 
worldwide 2017 (so far):
1 beauty and the beast – $1.262BN
2 the fate of the furious – $1.238BN
3 guardian’s of the galaxy vol.2 – $860.6M
4 despicable me 3 – $819.2M
5 wonder woman – $786.3M
6 pirates of the caribbean 5 – $776M
7 spider-man: homecoming – $633.8M
8 logan – $616.2M
9 transformers: the last knight – $568.9M
10 kong: skull island – $566.2m


domestic total of 2017 (so far)
1 beauty and the beast – $504M
2 wonder woman – $395.4M
3 guardian’s of the galaxy vol.2 – $387.8M
4 spider-man: homecoming – $278.3M
5 despicable me 3 – $230.4M
6 logan – $226.2M
7 fate of the furious – $225.6M
8 the lego batman movie – $175.6M
9 get out – $174.9M
10 the boss baby – $174.6M


Weekend Estimates

1 Dunkirk – $28.2m
2 The emoji movie – $25.65M
3 girls trip – $20.1M
4 atomic blonde – $18.6M
5  spider-man: homecoming – $13.5M
6 war for the planet of the apes – $10.4M
7 despicable me 3 – $7.7M
8 valerian: a city of a thousand planets – $6.8M
9 baby driver – $4.1M
10 wonder woman – $3.5M

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