Bond 25 & Bond 26

For some weird reason with the release of christopher nolan’s tenth film dunkirk there is a lot of talk on the next bond film. ever since the first couple of months this year it’s all been quite, as it usually is. the difference was that nobody knew whether current bond daniel craig would reprise his role as 007 for a fifth, and definite, final film as the character. we know that babera broccoli would like daniel craig to stay as bond for at least another film (maybe two?!) but the actor has stated after spectre he was getting tired of playing the character after ten years. he has a five-film contract to play bond which would put bond 25 as his last film. craig however seems to be on board for bond 25, but the question is who will be directing it?
sam mendes stated in the fall of 2016 that he would be bowing out as director, so who will replace him? many names have been flying around since then, and there are two that are the frontrunners. firstly we have guy ritchie, director of the man from u.n.c.l.e. & kING arthur: the legend of the sword, has been repeatedly named as a contender to direct bond 25. there’s one thing against him. he doesn’t have a good financial record. with his recent films, especially king arthur being a financial flop, would the broccoli’s risk it with ritchie? i don’t think so.
the second contender, and probably the frontrunner is christopher nolan. with the reviews coming in of dunkirk being highly positive, with 96% on rotton tomatoes, he has been firmly put in the top spot to replace mendes. his schedule is clear (to the public), and has repeatedly talked to the broccoli’s previously. there’s only one thing that might hold him back from the role, which is that he stated in an interview to the telegraph that he would only direct the film if he was needed, and that the character needed reinvention. it might be only me, but that sounds like he’s waiting for a new bond so he could reinvent the character with a new face, which would seem logical. i tihnk it’s safe to say he will direct bond 25 or bond 26, but maybe not the former.
onto bond 26, which would be set for a release around 2021. there’s a 95% chance that craig won’t be reprising his role for a sixth time, so who will replace daniel craig? the names have been in the air since the beginning of 2016 and now, there’s still a lot of names. i’d say about half a dozen have a chance of being bond but the actors who played bond usually aren’t massive actors who have been in $1bN films. that said, there are a few brits who could get the job as the british secret agent. below are the possibilities for the job:
MIchael fassbender – 30/1
damian lewis – 30/1
henry cavill – 7/1
aiden turner – 18/1
james norton – 10/1
tom hardy – 5/1


personally i think it’s down to three: tom hardy, james norton and henry cavill. all are in their 30’s, all have dark hair, and all are 6’1 (expect hardy at 5’9). that would be a small problem since all of the bond’s were between 5’10 and 6’1. the one thing that puts hardy at the top is that nolan, who likely will direct bond 26 has stated he would love hardy to be the next bond, saying he would be amazing. james norton is also a good, safe bet option and henry cavill, who i’ve always thought would be a good bond is still in the fight. we won’t find out until around 2019, but still it’s good to predict. that’s all.

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