‘Spider-Man’ Wins Big, ‘Despicable Me 3’ & ‘Baby Driver’ Follow

Spider-Man: Homecoming hit the jackpot this weekend taking in an estimated $117M IN IT’S THREE-DAY. THIS IS BY FAR THE BIGGEST SINGLE CHARACTER OPENING IN THE MCU AND IS LOOKING TO BE A MASSIVE SUCCESS GLOBALLY. DESPICABLE ME 3 took in $34M in it’s second weekend losing 53%. this is a bigger loss than the previous films in the franchise but is still a success and has already taken a staggering $450M worldwide. rounding out the top three is edgar wright’s latest hit baby driver, which dropped just 38% to take $12.8M in it’s second weekend. Whilst baby driver may not be taking off as quickly in the international market, it certainly is a huge success for sony.
in first place is spider-man: homecoming, the new adaption of spider-man but this time in the marvel cinematic universe. thanks to it being in the MCU, sony have managed to tap into the secret success of marvel films in the box office, and this is no outlier. taking in an estimated $117M, spider-man: homecoming is the smash hit of the summer, the highest opening weekend of the summer (june-august) so far, and probably will be the highest once we reach september. Internationally, Spider-Man: Homecoming took in around $140M, meaning in it’s worldwide opening weekend it took $257M. it we look at that, we could estimate the ratio between domestic and international markets could continue like this and if so, it should be a success. With this three-day, Spider-Man: Homecoming should take $300M+ In the north american market, and if the ratio stays the same, $800M worldwide.
Second place belong’s to universal’s Despicable Me 3, which dropped 53% to take $34M in it’s second weekend.Internationally the animated feature continued to deliver, bringing in an estimated $139 million from 60 markets for an overseas cume nearing $300 million and a worldwide total just shy of $450 million.
in third place is sony’s baby driver, finishing with an estimated $12.8M, dropping just 38% in it’s second weekend. It’s domestic cume now stands at $57M and could continue to around $80M.
Warner Bros. wonder woman continues it’s stellar run finishing in fourth place, taking in $10.1M with it’s domestic cume just shy of $370M. This makes it the tenth largest superhero release domestically of all time. internationally it added another $7M to take it’s total worldwide to $745M.
Rounding out the top 5 is paramount’s transformers: the last knight, dropping a hefty 60% in it’s third weekend to take an estimated $6.3M. This puts its tally just shy of $120M in the domestic box office. It added another $18M to it’s international cume to take it’s global cume to $495M.
The Big Sick and the beguiled scored big in limited releases as the big sick goes wide next weekend. one question spider-man’s big opening raises is that will war for the planet of the apes be able to stop spider-man for the top spot next weekend at the box office? let’s say spider-man: homecoming drops 51%, which means it would take $57.5M domestically. War For The PLANET OF THe apes should be able to beat this, where a mix of tracking and my gut feeling puts it at around $73M, but still, it’s going to be a full weekend. The week after that another major release is to come with Christopher Nolan’s tenth feature film coming to the big screens, dunkirk. tha

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