Despicable Me 3 To Lead Busy Independence Day Weekend

Despicable Me 3 is set to lead a busy Independence Day Weekend, With a mix of new releases and hold-overs behind.
Being Released in over 4,500 theatres domestically, Despicable Me 3 is the widest opening of all time in the u.s., and looks to break the independence day weekend box office record by beating Transformers 3, at $97.8M. Universal are being conservative as expected by saying their’re predicting a $85M opening, still an improvement of Despicable Me 2. However, tracking puts it at around $95M, and with animation films it usually is more. Despicable Me 2 opened to $83M, also on independence day but had an amazing run of $360M, helping it get to $970M worldwide. Minions opened at $115M but only had a run of $335M, despite it making over $1.1BN worldwide. In that respect we should compare dESPICABLE me 3 More to It’s prequel. It should open to around $97.2M. From there on it could range from $260M to $380M, and worldwide it should go near the $900M mark at least.
in second place should be transformers: the last knight, which opened to a franchise low last weekend but it as still no.1. it should drop at least 60% in it’s second weekend and i predict it will be around the $17.5M mark.
Edgar Wright’s highly anticipated Baby Driver which has opened on wednesday to get a head-start on it’s competition. on wednesday it took in an impressive $5.7M, enough to be no.1. it should make around $4.5M on thursday to take it’s total to $10m BEFORE THE WEEKEND. oN THE WEEKEND I THINK IT WILL MAKE AROUND THE $15m MARK TAKING IT’s five day total to $25M, a very good result for a film with a $35M production budget. This was one of my favourites films of the year so far and i think people will love it too and go and see it.
In fourth place should be Wonder Woman, already the highest grossing DCEU film domestically. it should drop around 43%, so around $14M, which should be enough to hold off the house. the house should make around $13.5M but always can make more with r-rated comedies. finally cars 3 should drop around 52% to make $11.7M, taking it’s cume to around $125M.


Weekend estimates:
1. DespicabLE mE 3 – $97.2m
2. Transformers: The Last Knight – $17.5M
3. Baby Driver – $15.2M
4. Wonder Woman – $14.1M
5. The House – $13.6M
6. CarS 3 – $11.8m

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