‘Transformers 5’ Opens With Franchise Low As Wonder Woman Sets New Records

Paramount’s Transformers: The Last Knight took the No.1 spot as suspected, but opened to a franchise low. Meanwhile, Warner Bros. Wonder woman is still tearing up the box office as it has now become the highest grossing release within the DC Extended Universe and it is showing little sign of stopping.
Only one of the previous four Transformers features opened on a Wednesday and that was 2011’s Transformers: Dark of the moon which debuted with $162.6M over it’s five day and $97.8M on it’s three-day. By contrast, Transformers: The Last Knight only brought in a mere $69.1M in it’s first five days, and $45.3M over it’s weekend.  While this is relatively on par with the $70 million industry expectations, it puts added pressure on the $217 million production’s international run.
As for that run, Last Knight kicked things off in 41 international markets with an estimated $196.2 million led by $123.4 million from China alone, the largest opening for a Transformers film in that market. Additionally, openings include Korea ($13m), Russia ($8.9m), United Kingdom ($5.7m), Germany ($4.7m), Taiwan ($4.1m), Australia ($3.6m), Philippines ($3.3m), Malaysia ($2.8m), Thailand ($2.8m), Hong Kong ($2.5m), Singapore ($2.2m) and Italy ($1.9m).
Moving on, Cars 3 and Wonder Woman are tied in second place with both studios reporting that they made $25.175M on the weekend. Beginning with Cars, the latest Pixar title dipped 53% in its second weekend and now stands just shy of $100 million after ten days in release. Internationally the film debuted in Australia with an estimated $2 million, contributing to an estimated international weekend of $11.9 million from 26 markets for a $41.4 million international gross and a $141.3 million global cume. The film hits theatres in Brazil, Korea, Spain, UK and Japan in mid-July which releases in France, Italy and Germany in August and beyond.
As for Warner Bros. Wonder WOman, it continues to live up to its protagonist’s name, dropping only 39% in its fourth weekend in release. The film is now just shy of $320 million domestically and is now out-pacing all three of the previous DC Extended Universe releases as it now passes Batman v suPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE, which had brought in $311.3 million after the same number of days in release. On this rate it should make around $350-360M domestically.
Internationally, Wonder Woman brought in an estimated $20.5 million from 65 markets as the overseas cume currently stands at $334.5 million. The film is still behind the three previous DC releases internationally, but it is just $42.5 million behind Man of Steel. This weekend it released in Spain where it brought in an estimated $2.2 million and it still has yet to be released in Japan, where it will premiere on August 25. Overall, Wonder Woman has now topped $635 million worldwide.
Next week we see Edgar wright’s Baby driver being released on wednesday ahead of the long independence day weekend. Meanwhile, Universal will debut Despicable Me 3 (which has already generated $18.9 million internationally) into over 4,350 theatres on Friday and Warner Bros. will release the comedy The House into over 3,000 theatres as all films look to take advantage of what will amount to a five-day weekend with the July 4 holiday falling on a Tuesday this year, which hasn’t happened since 2006.


Weekend eSTimates:
1. Transformers: the last knight – $45.3m
2. cars 3 – $25.2M
2. wonder woman – $25.2M
4. 47 metres down – $7.4M
5. all eyez on me  – $5.8m
6. the mummy – $5.8m
7. pirates of the caribbean 5 – $5.2M
8. rough night – $4.7M
9. captain underpants: the first epic movie – $4.3m
10. guardian’s of the galaxy vol.2 – $3.0M



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