Cars 3 To Zoom Past Wonder Woman

Cars 3 will seize the weekend box office from DC/Warner Bros. Wonder Woman and looks to take in around the low $60M for the weekend. Should Cars 3 park in that range, it will be a good hold for this sequel which saw an increase from the original in 2006. Cars 3 is currently getting more respect from critics, with a solid 72% Rotten tomatoes rating.
In the threequel cocky race car champ Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) is now considered a dinosaur next to the 200 mph tech-charged Jackson Storm (Armie Hammer). McQueen is sent to a training facility by his sponsor and assigned to trainer Cruz Ramirez (Cristela Alonzo), a female car who never believed in her own potential, but is pumped up by McQueen.
The first Cars won a Golden Globe for best animated feature film and was nominated for a best animated feature Oscar along with Randy Newman’s original song “Our Town.” That tune also won a Grammy. Cars 2 was nominated at the Golden Globes for best animated feature film.
So in conclusion, Cars 3 is on for around a $63M opening, in-between the original and Cars 2. From there it should make around $190M domestically and from there it should make around $560M worldwide, a shade less than Cars 3 but a better result than people might have thought.
In second place will be Wonder Woman, which is looking around a 41% drop for it’s third weekend, which would mean it will make around $35M. The Patty Jenkins-directed movie saw a 40% spike Tuesday over Monday with $8.8M and a current running domestic B.O. of $221.4M. It should reside around $270M stateside by Sunday, which will be 3% ahead of Suicide Squad at the same point in time. That DC movie ended its domestic run at $325M.
Meanwhile Universal’s disaster The Mummy is expected to shed at least 60% in its second weekend for $12.7M in fourth. Yesterday the Tom Cruise movie grossed $3.9M for a running domestic total of $38.2M.
Lionsgate’s All Eyez On Me will be looking for a $17M domestic opening. Rough night looks to open at $12, with 47 Metres down on for around $9M.


Weekend Estimates:

1. Cars 3 – $63.4M
2. Wonder Woman – $35.2M
3. All Eyez On Me – $16.5M
4. The Mummy – $13M
5. Rough Night – $12.6M
6. 47 Metres Down – $9.7M

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