Wonder Woman Crushes The Mummy

No amount of marketing could save The Mummy this weekend, as it looks to take in around $31M this weekend whereas Wonder Woman looks to take in as much as $54M, a 47% drop which would take it’s domestic cume already pass the $200M. this is a brilliant result for Wonder woman, which looks to be way ahead of Man Of Steel and looks to pass the Worldwide mark of $700M at the end of it’s run. As for The Mummy, it was an ok film, but including P&A’s the film cost around $335M, and in the box office i think with this result it will be lucky to break even.
as for The Mummy’s new target for the Domestic market, it should make around $85M, similar to John Wick: Chapter Two but it might be saved by the International market where the ratio could be as much as 30/70. If that is so it would make around $300M, a net loss of $35M for Universal. As usual though, Tom Cruise saves the day with his appeal in the International Market so if there Very Lucky they could break even.
Onto the Hit success woNDER woMAN, WHICH LOOKS TO MAKE A RECORD BREAKING $54M on it’s second weekend, a 47% drop, which would be the best DC Extended Universe Drop by a long way. Even comparing it to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this is way better than any film. Take Guardian’s Of The Galaxy Vol.2, which dropped an impressive 55% for it’s second weekend, but Wonder Woman’s 47% is just out of this world! This would take it’s domestic cume up to around $202M in it’s domestic run.



1. Wonder Woman – $54.2M (-47.1%)
2. The Mummy – $31M
3. Captain Underpants: the first epic movie – $13M (-45%)
4. pirates of the caribbean 5 – $10.1M (-54%)
5. it comes at night – $6.7M
6. Guardian’s Of The Galaxy vol.2 – $6.1M (-37%)
7. Baywatch – $4.1M (-53%)
8. meagan leavey – $3.4M
9. Alien: Covenant – $1.7M (-69%)
10. Everything, Everything – $1.5m (-54%)



1. Beauty And The Beast – $502.9M
2. Guardian’s Of The Galaxy Vol.2 – $366.2M
3. Logan – $226.3M
4. Fate oF thE fURIOUS – $224.4M
5. wonder Woman – $202.1M

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