Wonder Woman Review – A Film That Everybody Needed – ★★★★☆

When i first heard that there would be a wonder woman film, after i saw batman v superman, i thought that it was going to be like it, lots of cgi and fighting where there is no plot or originality whatsoever. but when i saw the credits roll, i was already craving a second film.
“As magnificent as you are, you are still no match for me,” says General Ludendorff (Danny Huston, veins throbbing with evil) to Diana (Gal Gadot). He’s a pudgy middle-aged man who has recently snorted something that makes him feel invincible; she’s an Amazon warrior princess who has just punched her way through the roof of a watchtower to tackle him. But let’s face it, it wouldn’t be the first time a man has underestimated the potential of a better-qualified woman. He’s right about one thing though. As Diana of Themyscira – the Wonder Woman sobriquet is not used, saved for a later instalment no doubt – Gadot is magnificent.

the film opened with diana growing through the years with the amazon. despite her mother (connie nielsen), the queen, she wants to become an amazon from a very young age. to be honest, i thought it was quite a slow opening, but it is an origin film so it’s understandable. Once diana is one of the best warriors on the islands, a nazi plane, piloted by captain steve trevor (chris pine), crashes into the sea. diana saves trevor, but a squad of nazi’s discover the island and the amazon’s battle to germans in an epic battle. after the outcome of the battle, diana decides to leave the amazons and her mother for what could be the final time she sees them. once they reach london, the epic film begins to properly unfold.
It’s set far from franchise continuity concerns, in the thick of the First World War, during which demigoddess Diana (Gal Gadot) battles her way to the Western Front – where Ares, a horny-headed foe of old, is overdue another thwarting.

the one thing that dc and warner bros. have really achieved is unlike the self-serving black widow in the marvel cinematic universe, diana is pure spirit. She is a pacifist mother-protector who fights for an end to all wars. But along with her tribe of elite warrior women, she has been isolated from the human race that she is sworn to protect. Born to play the role of “Wonder Woman”, Gadot proves that women can be fierce and loyal, as well as empathetic, in director Patty Jenkins’ epic, satisfying origin story.
If the action in Wonder Woman comes less frequently than you might expect, it’s also thrillingly designed and staged, with a surging sense of real people, from all sorts of backgrounds, swept up in the wider conflict’s churns and jolts. there was a point at the very end when gadot is fighting David Thewlis (a mighty performance from him, i felt the action scene lasted to long and it was going to slip back into batman v superman mode of non-stop fighting, but luckly it was saved. there was one riveting line in the film that caught my attention the most, when “wonder woman” said to ares, “goodbye brother.”

As we know ares is the son of zeus, and diana was created by zeus, you realised in those few seconds that the dc extended universe had won. the film made sense! diana finally understood the world from outside of her home which made the film more of an actual film and less of superhero film, which was what the dceu needed. as for the ending, sad aS IT WAS, it sets up justice league (november) which a lot of promise, and since the film is such a success, this could really help justice league.
As for the performances by the actors and actresses, where should we start? gadot is the perfect “wonder woman” despite the backlash for her not being american. in my opinion it’s good we didn’t have another bland american who all look the same playing “wonder woman”, and if we did, i actually don’t think the film would be as successful. onto chris pine, playing captain steve trevor, where to begin? despite my praise for gadot, the film wouldn’t have worked if we didn’t have someone like pine playing trevor. pine’s performance will set his future up very nicely and the realism of his performance is one of the many things that made me think this film is damn near perfection.

we have david thewlis (harry potter, fargo) as the god of war, or as he says, “the god of truth”. whenever thewlis is in a film or tv series, i always think he is one of the most under-appreciated actors of our time, and my theory is proven in wonder woman. and then we have danny houston (yes, x-men origins: wolverine) PLAYING A NAZI GENERAL WHO DIANA SUSPECTED WAS ARES. ONE THING IS FOR SURE, HIS PERFORMANCE WAS FULL, I MEAN FULL OF EVIL.
ONE QUICK LITTLE NOTE, I THOUGHT that even though it wasn’t the king of all film music (hans zimmer) wasn’t composing it, Rupert Gregson-Williams was a surprise hit and that the music was brilliant. also, the closing credits, the design of them was something different from previous dc films.
AS FOR THE BOX OFFICE, it will be examined under a microscope, but just to give you a summary of what i predicted five days was that it would open to around $93M and worldwide it would make around $670m, the same as superman’s origin film man of steel. impressive, no? however, the estimates are slowly coming in and it’s looking like it could be even higher, around the $100M mark! with a small of $150M compared to man of steel’s $225M and batman v superman’s $250m, it looks to make a massive profit.

to round of this review of wonder woman, it’s a powerful feminist film that attracts everyone to it, and is what dc needed to take the fight to marvel. it’s now to you marvel, who are releasing their own origin film with spider-man in the frame. After a few false starts, the DC Extended Universe has its first truly terrific entry under its belt. About damn time.




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