June Box Office Predictions

with films such as guardian’s of the galaxy vol.2 kicking off the summer with a bang we have a lot to anticipate coming up in june. it starts with dc’s wonder woman with gal gadot and chris pine. we also have the unpredictable the mummy with tom cruise, which could be either a smash hit or a flop. the week after we have the animated sequel cars 3 with transformers: the last knight the week after with despicable me 3 also in the mix. finally we have the highly anticipated baby driver starring kevin spacey and to finish it off we have the highly awaited spider-man: homecoming starring tom holland.

Wonder Woman

predictions come from as low as $65M up to $105M, one of the most unpredictable films of the year. dc films tend to have a high drop on their second weekend so i would expect the opening to be high but the total lower. batman v superman opened to $166M but only managed to sucume to $330M. the opening was 50% of the domestic gross. it was a similar picture with man of steel, which we’re using as the main comparison. that also dropped around 63%, suggesting wonder woman would be around the 61-66% drop. man of steel opened to $116M which was a june record. for wonder woman i would not predict it to be around that mark but it could be close. the ratio between domestic and international is around 40/60, similar to the recent hit of gotg vol.2. i think that it will open to $85M domestically and it will be 44% of it’s total domestic gross, in-between man of steel and batman v superman. that would put it’s domestic total around $220m, similar to logan. if the ratio of 40/60 is correct, then it’s total would be around $595m WORLDWIDE. that’s slightly of man of steel’s $668M but that would be an ok debut. however it could go up to around $660m IF it’s lucky with the other competition.


The Mummy

Despite what everybody is saying, i think this is a simple one for me. it will open to $40-45M domestically and have a run of around $130M. internationally i think it will peform well, pulling in $275M. that would mean worldwide it would make just over the $400M mark, in my opinion a small success because they can grow the franchise from there.


Cars 3

this film i have been anticipating for a long time. the cars franchise has never broken the box office secret but it’s a reliable source for disney. what’s interesting about the previous two films is that cars 2 made $6m more on it’s opening weekend but overall made nearly $50M less in it’s cume. the last film made $562M worldwide and i think the franchise will continue to grow. domestically i think it will open to $74m and have a run of $230M domestically. internationally the ratio should be similar to cars 2, so it should make $430M so in total it will make $660m, quite a big hit for disney.

Transformers: The Last Knight

Domestic opening: $80m


Despicable Me 3

Domestic opening: $85M
domesitc total: $270M
worldwide total: $850M


Baby Driver

Domestic Opening: $30m
Domestic Total: $85m


Spider-Man: Homecoming

Domestic Opening: $125m
Domestic Total: $305M
Worldwide Total: $870M



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