What’s Next In The Alien Franchise After Alien: Covenant

Ah, the alien franchise. the only franchise in the world that lives up to the term ‘horror’. after seeing michael fassbender’s david regurgitate an alien embryo we found out that the mad android is the creator of the xenomorph. so, what’s next? we know that alien: covenant is set in 2104, with prometheus set in 2093. creator and director of the alien franchise ridley scott has stated that there will be at least one more film in the alien prequel franchise. the original 1979 film is set in 2122.
i believe that there will be two more alien prequel films. one, most likely called alien: awakening will be set in-between prometheus (2093) and alien: covenant (2104) explaining how the xenomorph was born as we saw that in prometheus the final scene with the alien being born. if this is so, it would definitely star michael fassbender again as the mad scientist david and even possibly noomi rapace as elizabeth shaw since the last time we saw them was flying away eventually to david creating the xenomorph and killing shaw.
the second prequel film would be in-between alien: covenant (2104) and the original alien (2122). since the last scene of alien: covenant was david leaving covenant after planting 2,000 on 2,000 colonists, the question is what happens afterwards with david’s xenomorph’s army? this would probably answered in the fourth and final prequel film leading up to the original. after that it would be very difficult to predict if there would anymore alien films, since there would have been around ten films. since the fourth original film in 1997 was set in 2379 there could be a dozen films, but the franchise i think will grow old so i think there will two more films, the prequel’s and maybe a third after the original alien but that’s it. Michael Fassbender would also star in as many as five films in the Alien Franchise, which is quite impressive.
This would be the timeline:
Prometheus – 2093
Alien: Awakening – 2097
Alien: Covenant – 2104
4th Alien Prequel Film – 2105-2121
Alien – 2122
Final Alien Film – 2140

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