Guardian’s Of The Galaxy To Kick May Of With A Bang

The summer film season is upon us, and Marvel are set to light it on fire with Guardian’s Of The Galaxy Vol.2 which will debut this weekend in over 4,300 theatres. It already opened in 58% of the international markets last weekend pulling in over $100M in a three-day and is already nearly at $175M.

Opening in 4,347 theatres domestically, Guardian’s Of The Galaxy Vol.2 is the tenth widest release of all time. Adding to the roll-out, not only will Guardians 2 hold Thursday night previews beginning at 7PM, but 558 theaters around the country will be playing a Guardians double feature event, all of which will ultimately be rolled into the film’s Friday box office haul.

I have been tracking this film for nearly two months and I have already seen it twice, and my personal expectations is around $155M+. A multiplier than GOTG 2 can relate to is the 3.53 multiplier that the original had. It was a film that not only opened well beyond expectations, it kept on delivering over the course of its theatrical run to the point it has the largest multiplier out of any other film in the MCU, a fact that suggests audience anticipating for more Guardians is virtually a guarantee.

So… what will it be? BoxOfficeMojo are predicting a $158M opening which is where I suspect it will be, so my personal prediction is that Guardian’s Of The Galaxy Vol.2 will open slightly higher than that, around $162M with a domestic run almost definitely over $400M and with that the film should gross over $1BN.

Finishing second will be Universal’s Fate Of The Furious and it should take in around $9M to take it’s domestic cume over the $200M, only the third film to do that in 2017 (Beauty and The Beast & Logan).

In third place will be the hit film How To Be A Latin Lover which should bring in around $7.8M. Fourth place is likely to go to The Boss Baby, which topped $150M domestically yesterday and will take another $5.4M. Rounding out the top 5 will be Beauty And The Beast taking $4.6M to take it’s domestic cume to $487M.

Weekend Estimates

1. Guardian’s Of THe Galaxy Vol.2 – $162.4M
2. Fate Of THe Furious – $9.2M
3. How To be A Latin Lover – $7.8M
4. The Boss Baby – $5.4M
5. Beauty And The BeAST – $4.6m
6. tHE cIRCLE – $4.1m
7. bAAHUBALI 2 – $4.1m
8. sMURFS: tHE lOST vILLAGE – $2.2m
9. gOING iN sTYLE – $2.0m
10. gIFTED – $1.9m



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