Guardian’s Of The Galaxy Vol.2 Box Office Prediction

now we all know that guardian’s of the galaxy vol.2 will beat the original by a long way and top $100m domestically easily, but the question is how high will it go? GOTG 2 is opening in 58% of the international markets this weekend but it will not open in the u.s. until next week. whilst we brits may have the on-off weather we do get to see the big blockbusters a week earlier than the americans. Score!
the absolute lowest it can get in it’s opening weekend domestically is $135m, but i think it will be much higher than that. boxofficemojo is reporting that it should open between $135-150M, which i think is a bit on the conservative side. personally i think from all of the hipe for the film it will be more like $145m-165m. let’s assume that the opening weekend is $155M, what will happen in the coming weeks aFTER THAT? WELL when gotg opened to $94m in august 2014 it dropped 55% into the second weekend. the difference from august 2014 and now is that gotg 2 is not facing any major competition on it’s second weekend, with the only threat being king arthur.
i would think that it would drop 54-58% in it’s second weekend. if alien convenant opens at $35m (which is possible) gotg 2 could threepeat in the domestic market if it performed like the original, where it dropped 40% on it’s third weekend. now onto the international market. 57% of gotg was from the international market, which is pretty low for a marvel film. i’m guessing that it will be more like 62% this time around. overall it should be around captain america: civil war’s total or a bit over. remember, this is the optimistic option:

Predicted Domestic Run:

Weekend 1: $156m
Week 1: $215.5m
weekend 2: $70m
week 2: $98M
weekend 3: $41m
domestic toal: $445m
worldwide total: $1.15BN

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