Going In Style Review – ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Whilst many critics reviews are mixed, I believe that this film is quite brilliant. Starring three of my film idols: Sir Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Alan Arkin – All Academy Award winners – have made a new comedy classic.

With these heavyweight names you would hope that the film would be good, and it is. This remake of of the 1979 classic proves to be better than what people say and proves that there are still people who like this sort of film. In this latest version, Joe (Caine), Al (Arkin) and Willie (Freeman) have just lost their pensions when their former employer moves operations from New York State to Vietnam, and Joe is about to lose his house as his Williamsburg bank forecloses.

Unwilling to give up their slice of the pie, the seventysomethings decide to rob the very bank that is mopping up their retirement money, and set about learning criminality from a local “low-life” professional: after all, they have nothing to lose but their freedom, and at least prison means three square meals a day.  The scene with Morgan Freeman trying to use flour to stop capture by the supermarket security was very funny and had me in stitches.

There are bits of the film that really get into the spirit of things, like the theft-rehearsal at a convenience store where things quickly spiral out of control, which help give the film some life. The heist itself is a short bit in the movie, which is a pity since it seems like an opportunity lost.

It opened in the Box Office over the weekend and was much higher above many expectations taking just over $12M in the U.S. alone. The film cost $25M to make.

Overall Going In Style is a great film with three of the best actors ever to live – yet you feel that with a slightly different story this film would have been even better.


Worth seeing?: In my opinion – yes



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