Life Review – A Spine-Tingling Thriller That Pays Tribute To ‘Alien’

With Ridley Scott’s long anticipated Alien: Covenant on the horizon, the sci-fi horror scene has come back with a vengeance. Could Life finally be the film to hit the high mark set by Alien in 1979 and revolutionise the genre itself?

No, probably not. Nonetheless, Life is a brilliant entry into the sci-fi world and plays as both a love letter to its obvious influences as well as a wholly unique take its grander ideas. Perfect casting, realistic conversational writing, sweeping cinematography, and inspired horror directing elevate this film well beyond the expectations I had walking into the cinema.


Being an international crew, the space travellers have no trouble riffing on each other’s cultural differences in a way that feels organic and friendly, largely because none of it really matters in the depths of space.

This sci-fi creature feature doesn’t really do anything we haven’t seen before, but its execution — including smooth camerawork and tense editing and music — makes it reasonably gripping. Part Alien, part Gravity, just not as good as either of them. But Life whips along at a decent pace and deploys enough engaging action sequences to make it work.

Worth Seeing?: YES/NO

Rating: 67/100


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