Box Office – Logan No.1 Worldwide But The Beast Is Coming

As Kong: Skull Island leads the way with the final stand for The Wolverine in second, Logan is already the highest-grossing Wolverine Film worldwide and now is the No.1 worldwide for 2017, however unfortunately so that should not last that much longer with Beauty & The Beast on the way and even after that we have the wide releases of The Fate Of The Fast And Furious & the much anticipated sequel of Guardian’s of The Galaxy. In this page there is the Tuesday Box Office, Worldwide & Domestic Grosses of 2017, and my weekend predictions.


Tuesday Box Office

1 Kong: Skull Island – $6.4M

2 Logan – $4M

3 Get Out – $2.5M

4 The Shack – $1.3M

5 The LEGO Batman Movie – $1.2M

6 Before I Fall – $440K

7 John Wick: Chapter Two – $350K

8 Hidden Figures – $340K

9 La La Land – $231K

10 The Great Wall – $206K


Domestic Grosses Of 2017:

1 The LEGO Batman Movie – $160.9M

2 Logan – $160.5M

3 Split – $136.1M

4 Get Out – $115.6M

5 Fifty Shades Darker – $113.3M

6 John Wick: Chapter Two – $88M

7 Kong: Skull Island – $72.8M

8 A Dog’s Purpose – $62.2M

9 xXx: The Return of Xander Cage – $44.9M

10 The Great Wall – $44.2M


Worldwide Grosses of 2017:

1 Logan – $444.9M

2 Fifty Shades Darker – $369.2M

3 xXx: The Return of Xander Cage – $345.1M

4 Your Name – $328M

5 The Great Wall – $327.6M

6 Resident Evil: The Final Chapter – $307M

7 The LEGO Batman Movie – $277.2M

8 Split – $248.5M


Weekend Estimates

Beauty & The Beast Is eyeing a $220-235M opening worldwide, which would be the biggest March opening of all time. Domestically it should take between $140-160M. As of right now, Beauty and The Beast isn’t expected to ding business for the testosterone films as much as originally thought: Warner Brothers Kong: Skull Island is expected to decline by 56% for $27.1M in its second outing, and 20th Century Fox’s Logan ill slow by 40% in its third weekend for $22.9M.

BH Tilt and Orion Pictures have the indie horror film The Belko Experiment, directed by Greg McLean and written by Guardians Of The Galaxy filmmaker James Gunn, which will hit north of 1,250 locations. These films aim to precisely target genre fans. The pic, which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, is poised to pull in around $3.5M.

Belle begins her offshore rollout on Thursday, landing in about 65%-70% of the international footprint through Friday. Key markets bowing are the UK, Brazil, Korea, Italy, Germany, Russia, Spain, Mexico and China. Not entering the picture until the following week is France, where there is an annual reduced-price ticket promotion going on. Estimates on the international opening are coming in from $95-110M.


Weekend Predictions

1 Beauty & The Beast – $152M

2 Kong: Skull Island – $26.1M

3 Logan – $17.6M

4 Get Out – $13.9M

5 The Shack – $6M

6 The LEGO Batman Movie – $4.4M

7 The Belko Experiment – $3.7M




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