Logan – Box Office Prediction

In this article this is an in-dept analysis of what Logan might bring to the table in the box office.


So, the first Wolverine film opened with a staggering $85 Million but dropped of considerably afterwards making it’s domestic come just a tad under $180 Million. In the Foreign Market it made just a bit more (51% of Total) taking the total worldwide to $373M. Since then, The Wolverine brand has considerably grown and this was shown in the sequel, The Wolverine, in 2013, when it made just $132M domestically but made a mouth-watering $282M internationally (68% of the total) bringing the total to $412 Million. I think we can expect somewhere in the middle for both domestically and internationally for Logan. I would say even though Fox are saying a $65M opening domestically I think it would actually be more like $70M and could be nudging on the door of $75M. Worldwide on it’s opening weekend it is poised to take as much as $175M in just three days, setting itself up nicely for the weeks to come. It will hit some opposition in the second and third weekend, that of Kong: Skull Island Beauty & The Beast. I would say that Logan will drop off roughly 53% domestically in it’s second weekend, taking it down to roughly $35M in it’s second weekend. From there on it should make another $60M domestically taking it’s cume up to $155M domestically, which is pretty darn good. This is quite an optimistic prediction so I would say it should make at least $140M and even could go higher than I think to $170M.

Internationally I think China will hold the key to Logan’s success worldwide. If they can make roughly $60-80M in China then that will hold the key to success internationally. In the UK it should make $22-27M and in Australia $12-16M. Overall I think Logan should hit at least $400M. The key to X-Men: Days of Future Past wasn’t that it made $230M domestically but it was the fact that it made over half a billion internationally. If Logan is received as well as it has been with the critics, then we could be looking at possibly nearly $600M internationally.


Domestic Opening: $65-75M

Domestic Cume: $150-170M

International: $300M-400M

Total: $400M-$600M


Breakdown: (Only Major Foreign Countries)

Australia – $14-20M

China – $50-110M

UK – $22-32M

France – $18-23M

South Korea – $6-15M

Russia – $17-23M

Mexico – $14-22M

Japan – $8-10M

Italy – $6-9M

India – $4-7M

Germany – $10M-13M

Brazil – $20M-22M

Other – $40M-75M




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