Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Over the weekend the next instalment of the Star Wars Franchise was released, Rogue One. Since then it has grossed nearly $300m worldwide in just three days, looking to take on the likes of Captain America: Civil War and the last Star Wars film, The Force Awakens. Whilst Rogue One may not be able to beat The Force Awakens in the box office, in my personal opinion Rogue One is better than The Force Awakens. Quite honestly once the film began and I saw the character of Orson Krennic (the Death Star commander) was Hugh Laurie, but I was mistaken. However there was the small roles of General Draven, who was played by Alistair Petrie (The Night Manager), and Senator Jebel, played by Jonathan Aris (Sherlock).

When Rogue One was announced in 2015 two thoughts went through my mind. One was, brilliant, instead of waiting another three years for the next episode I have another Star Wars film to see. The other was that there has never been a spin-off the Star Wars Franchise and when I thought about it spin-offs of great franchises they never went well. This however, is an exception. Felicity Jones’s fugitive, hunting for the plans to the Death Star, is a tousled-but-game female lead – just one of many classic Star Wars motifs in Gareth Edwards’ exhilarating spin-off.

Whether or not Rogue One reaches The Force Awakens or not in the box office, this original film brings back the memories of the days of when you first watched the Star Wars films, with cameo roles for old cast members and of course, I’m not forgetting the role Lord Vader plays in this film. The performance of the cast was absolutely brilliant, from Felicity Jones’s different yet original take on the Stars Wars Franchise to Diego Luna’s almost dry yet anticipating performance.

Worth Seeing?: YES

Rating: 4.5/5.0



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