Suicide Squad Review

Fans love It, Critics hate it. Honestly it’s very hard to tell what the public are thinking about this latest DC film, the critics say, “It’s the latest comic book wheeze: an all-villain fighting team. But too many crooks spoil the plot.” – The Guardian. Let’s just get the plot straight. Simply villains (inc. Margot Robbie and Will Smith) go on a Suicide Mission for the Government. Not your normal Superhero film is it?






Though the Critics give it an average rating of about 2 stars, the fans love it. This shows in the Box Office as Suicide Squad broke the August Opening record with it collecting $135 Million dollars in it’s opening weekend, pretty impressive?!

In my opinion, Suicide Squad Is an excellent film from a different stance in the DC Universe and was better than Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Worth Seeing: If your a DC fan

Rating: 3.6/5.0

By Archie Wingate


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