Who Will Be The Next Bond?

With Daniel Craig teasing that he might not portray James Bond In the next film, who will be James Bond? Here we have some on the front-runners for the job.

Idris Elba







Whilst many people say that there can’t be a black bond, including former Bond Sir Roger Moore, lots of people would like him to be Bond. This year he will be in the film Bastille Day which was delayed because of the Nice attacks on Bastille Day.

Odds: 35/1



Damian Lewis

The Homeland star has said he would like to be Bond and a lot of people fancy him being Bond in the next film. This year he stared in Our Kind of Traitor with Ewan McGregor, Naomie Harris and Stellan Skarsgard.

Odds: 30/1


Tom Hiddlestone

Hiddlestone has been the favourite for a long time, especially after the success of The Night Manager. Since then he now has a relationship with American singer Taylor Swift and that has substantially diminished his chances. This year he starred in I Saw The Light portraying Hank Williams alongside Elizabeth Olsen and will star in the new King Kong film in Spring 2017.

Odds: 50/1


Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill has always been an outsider to Bond but since the release and success of Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice many people have been asking questions about Cavill as Bond. He also has experience in roles like these, like in The Man From U.N.C.L.E. He will not appear in any more films this year but will appear in Sand Castle alongside Nicholas Hoult and in Justice League which will be released in 2017.

Odds: 12/1


Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy has everything to be the next James Bond but it seems no one has noticed him as a candidate, but I’m sure the Broccoli’s have noticed him. He stared in the Oscar-winning Mad Max: Fury Road. Next year he stars in two films.  One will be a cameo on the next Star Wars film and the other is called Dunkirk alongside Mark Rylance and Sir Kenneth Branagh.

Odds: 20/1


Aiden Turner

I’m pretty sure most of you have never heard of Aiden Turner before until the media picked up that he is one of the new favourites for James Bond.

Odds: 15/1


James Norton

Another outsider but definetly a possible contender.

Odds: 20/1


Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig actually hasn’t said that he isn’t going to portray Bond in the next film. He’s said that he’s getting bored of only playing Bond in his acting career but hasn’t said that he won’t play Bond for a fifth film.

Odds: 10/1


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