Box Office Update

Finding Dory has been enjoying it’s third week at the top of the Box Office, so far being the sixth highest grossing film in 2016. Independence Day: Resurgence has had a steady amount of money coming in, With Now You See Me 2 right behind. Also The Secret Life Of Pets has just been released which will finally make Finding Dory step down to number two.

1  Captain America: Civil War   –   $1.051 bn

2  Zootopia   –   $1.019.6 bn

3  The Jungle Book  –  $934.7 million

4  Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice  –  $872.7 million

5  Deadpool  –  $781.6 million

6 Finding Dory  –  $563.7 million

7 The Mermaid  –  $553.7 million

8 X-Men: Apocalypse  –  $528 million

9 King Fu Panda 3 – $513.8 million

10 Warcraft


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