Joy Review

It may have been an underdog, but Joy it must see movie.

The new David O Russell Film Joy came out on the 1st January in the UK and on Christmas Day in the US. It stars Academy Award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence as Joy Mangano, who is an innovative creator of designs. Robert Di Niro stars as her father and Bradley Cooper stars as Neil Walker, who gave Joy a chance to sell her creation on QVC.

Joy is a rare movie that succeeds on most levels, which each character, scene and joke are firing on all cylinders to make the film a must see movie.

Joy was a great movie to watch, not only because it was a true stor, but also that it was heartwarming. It told the Story of Joy Mangano right from the start when she was a child all the way up to when she was a huge business woman. David O Russell really did make this film make you feel like you were in the movie. You could feel Joys feelings. Jennifer Lawrence did a brilliant job portraying Joy. It may have not been the most challenging movie she has ever done, but she really got into the character which is a hard thing to do.

It may have been a slow speed for some people, but for me it was just right. Joy is a must see movie and I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t pick up a Golden Globe this weekend and at the Academy Awards (Oscars).

Archie Wingate

Rating: 3.9/5.0

Worth Seeing: Yes


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